What we do here at Taro’s Fish is quite unlike other super markets and take out restaurants. While we are certainly both, in some ways we’re also neither. We offer a modest selection of grocery items as well as cooked foods like Tempura Shrimp, Teriyaki Grilled Black Cod, as well as seasonal specials. Like other sushi take out restaurants we offer rolls and and nigiri as well as platters that are a combination of both.

Where we stake our claim in uniqueness is in the way we do sashimi. We offer over 100 different varieties of seafood for consumption raw. We sell by the ‘saku’ (sashimi-ready fillets) and everything is out in the open in our display fridges. Customers are able to find their perfect piece, both weight and price are plain and simple to see. Once your selection has been made, we slice and arrange for you (there’s no extra charge!).

I want Taro’s Fish to be a special place in Toronto.

Taro Akiyama

Opening a Second Location

We’ve long wanted to expand our reach, and we’ve finally made the jump. We’re happy to be able to say we’re now ready to serve the Markham area and if the location by Major Mackenzie & Woodbine is more convenient for you we hope we’ll see you there!


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