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Canada day Weekend
posted by Taro's Fish office

Dear Valued Customers

Please take note Canada Day weekend will be closing during July 1st (Sat)- 4th (Tue).

Regular business hours resume Wednesday, July 5th.

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Sushi for Two!
Chef's recommendation

Still haven't decided anything for your romantic dinner? Well we have exactly what you're looking for. Our "Sushi for Two" will definitely make that special someone smile with delight. Maybe you want to use your own plate to make the night even more special. Just bring your favorite plate and we'll make the best presentation for your special dinner! 

(photo: Sushi for Two / Credit: makotophotography)

Sashimi for take-out
Chef's recommendation

If you're looking for the absolute best "Japanese quality" Sashimi, Taro's fresh pick is what you want. In a hurry? We also have some delicious prepared sashimi plates for fast take out. Throwing a big party? Just give us a call ahead of time with your budget and the number of people attending your party. No matter which three options you choose from, Taro will deliver a beautiful exotic dish with his best recommendations!

(Photo: Sashimi Chef's pick / Credit: makotophotography)

Taste of Japanese rice
Chef's recommendation

Rice is a very important part of the Japanese cuisine. Every morning at 7:00 a.m., the first thing that our staff do is to clean the rice with water. "Tama Nishiki" is the rice we use for all our products. It's from the U.S but the taste and texture is pretty much the same to the fine Japanese rice which we can find in Japan. We're extremely careful when cooking rice because we love rice! We can go as far as to say that rice is one of the important foundations to all of our products.

The resulting delicious rice is enjoyed by all of our customers in products like our bento box, onigiri, and sushi. Taro's Fish's "Tama Nishiki" is an American farmed rice but is appealing to all of our Japanese customers. Please drop by to check out our rich and tasteful Japanese cuisine.

(photo: Mixing Sushi rice & Inari Sushi rice / Credit: makotophotography)

Busy Saturday.....always
Chef's recommendation

Saturday is the busiest day of the week because we prepare many kinds of products, more than the weekdays. Last week, we were busy making "Sushi a-la-carte", "Party Tray", "Sashimi a-la-carte".

We also started to indicate the origin of each fish on the label due to customer suggestions.

(photo: "Battera" - Saba box sushi & Slices Black cod / Credit: makotophotography)

Catering, Catering!!
posted byTaro's Fish office

We receive many phone call from customers who are looking for the best food for wedding receptions, business lunch meetings, dinners, home parties…… You name it! Based on the portion and your budget, we can prepare a "Bento box" for pick up, the finest Japanese foods for delivery, or you can even get one of our sushi chefs to make the food fresh at your place!

(Photo: Catering on site / Credit: makotophotography)


800 Sheppard Ave. E.
Toronto, ON, M2K 1C3
(416) 730-8555


Taro's Fish : 800 Sheppard Ave. E. Toronto, ON, M2K 1C3 / phone: (416) 730-8555 / fax: (416) 730-8525